What Others May Think – Korra Del Rio, Ember Snow


Every girl’s wedding day should be the one of her dreams… but as Evie (Ember Snow) stares at the pure white wedding dress laid out before her, she only sees nightmares.

Evie comes from a conservative, controlling family. Although they claim they’ve always wanted what’s best for her, Evie’s never really been happy with their choices. Even today, as she waits for her best friend and maid of honor, Leah (Korra Del Rio), to arrive, she can’t shake the feeling that everything is WRONG… especially since she knows she’s about to break Leah’s heart.

When Leah arrives, as bubbly and sweet as always, Evie is miserable as she gives Leah the news that she can no longer be the maid of honor. Leah is shocked and hurt, but determined to get to the bottom of this sudden change of heart. Although Evie tries to sugarcoat it, it soon becomes obvious that her parents, as well as the parents of the groom, don’t want Leah to be the maid of honor because she’s trans. With so many eyes on the wedding, they don’t want any… controversy.

Leah is furious not only for herself but on Evie’s behalf, tired of seeing Evie bending over for her family. All she wants is for Evie to be able to stand up for herself but it seems like Evie isn’t strong enough. She’s even more hurt that Evie can’t even summon the strength to stand up for HER either. Why doesn’t Evie have her back?

Knowing that she’s betrayed her best friend AND herself, Evie can feel something shifting inside. Something has to give… but will Evie find the courage before tying the knot? And will she ever be able to make it up to Leah?

Pornstars: Korra Del Rio