Water My Plants, Scene #01


A personal assistant, Christy Love, arrives at the home of her boss, Jade Venus. Christy calls out for Jade but doesn’t hear a response, so Christy goes looking for her. Checking inside the bathroom, Christy is stunned to see Jade looking like a goddess as she takes a steamy bath. Yowza! Jade is unaware of Christy’s presence, as Christy masturbates while continuing to watch the bathing beauty. Jade finally looks in Christy’s direction… just in time to see Christy squirting, leaving a stain on her yoga pants! Jade beckons Christy closer, instructing her to start watering the plants. However, as Jade looks at the dark stain on Christy’s yoga pants, she gets an idea and takes away the watering can, because she wants Christy to SQUIRT onto the plants instead! It’s a miracle fertilizer! Jade eagerly rubs Christy’s pussy so she can squirt on the plants, but the fun doesn’t stop there. After the plants have been watered, Jade is eager to get some of that sweet squirt for herself!