Natalie Mars, Emily Willis, Fairest Of Them All – Part 2


Natalie Mars, Emily Willis, Fairest Of Them All - Part 2

When the Prince (Dante Colle) arrives at Snow White (Emily Willis)’s home with a gift of flowers, he’s alarmed to find her door ajar. Little does he know, the Queen (Natalie Mars) is lurking in the background, very pleased after having given Snow White a special gift of her own…
As the Prince steps inside and finds Snow White resting on the sofa, he knows that something dastardly is afoot. When Snow White stirs, she is excited to see her prince but the Prince is shocked when the Queen suddenly appears as well. Snow White then lusts for BOTH of them, flitting back and forth between the Prince and the Queen.
The Prince is shocked, knowing that the Queen has corrupted his beloved Snow White. That’s when he proposes a challenge: whomever can make Snow White cum the hardest will forever win her heart. The Queen, clearly thinking the Prince to be a fool, gladly accepts.
As the steamy challenge unfolds, it seems the Prince and the Queen are neck-and-neck when it comes to making Snow White tremble with pleasure. Will the Prince be able to pull ahead to free Snow White from the Queen’s sensual clutches or will the Queen once again reclaim her title of being the fairest of them all?

Pornstars: Natalie Mars