My Private Teacher – TSVirtualLovers


What lessons we can learn when our minds are open? These days a lot of online learning takes place, are you ready for a lesson, something to penetrate your gaps of knowledge? Let’s meet the stunning Venezuelan sensation, Vanessa Jhons, she’s no spring chicken but she’s definitely clucking and fucking. As our VR rig zooms in on her big brown eyes and lavish Latino looks, we feel the chemistry beyond her private lesson in My Private Teacher. Our teacher approaches, and Vanessa is dressed in a sexy schoolgirl-style outfit, she’s double legal age can you believe it? That slinky black dress with white trim has a surprise package under it, yes, Vanessa has a hard swollen cock in her panties, so both student and teacher will rub dicks and trade licks. They seem to be straying way off standard lessons, they are eyeing each other seductively, clearly both aroused, imagine the teacher slipping his excited hand up her smooth legs, clenching her ass cheeks in her panties and the thrill of grasping Vanessa’s penis and shaved balls. They can’t control their lust, on the Stairway they clamber, groping each other, they are driven by filthy urges. Vanessa loves to suck cock, knowing just how to provoke a bloke, stroking the cock shaft our guy and transexual hottie moves onto the sofa. How about a bit of anal penetration, the prick tingling with jolts of excitement as it squeezes into her tight anus, pushing in for a pump and hump. Vanessa is an exotic, erotic little package of passion, standing just 5’2” (157cm), she’s got that lusty Latino magic, wanking of a cock, licking balls and buggering a butthole, it’s clear that this might be a lesson the Private Teacher learnt a thing or two from. How about you? TS Virtual Lovers takes you there in VR.