Jade Venus – Insatiable Vixen


Jade Venus - Insatiable Vixen

Hot brunette Jade Venus rocks the business casual look as much as she rocks her after-hour leather themed outfit. As soon as she clocks off work, fierce Jade changes into the smooth black fabric and shows it off to her horny colleague, Chris Epic. With a body like hers, it’s not too hard to seduce Chris. Soon, he puts his hands on the fiery Jade, undressing her, one layer at a time, until he reaches her eager skin. Pressed against her butt, dick inside her welcoming hole, Chris finally meets the true Jade: an untamed and insatiable sex beast.

Sex goddess Jade Venus is a hopeless romantic at heart, and that’s why she’s decided to make this Valentine’s Day XXXtra special for her girlfriend, blonde cutie Marilyn Johnson. Lying in bed, surrounded by rose petals, Jade looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful white lingerie: her gift for Marilyn! But as if that wasn’t already good enough, she also has a special surprise for her… But you can only see it when the blacklight is turned on! Apparently, it’s not the only thing that’s turned on this Valentine’s night!

Vivacious babe Jade Venus and her friend, Ariel, are on a camping trip trying to escape the hustle and bustle of life. However, their tent is pitched right next to Mason Lear’s who sets out to prank Jade when the stubborn t-girl refuses to pack up and move elsewhere. After Mason scares Jade by hiding a fake snake inside her tent, the busty brunette sneaks up behind him and pulls down his pants, exposing his manhood! When Ariel leaves the camping site to fetch some marshmallows from the car, Jade takes the opportunity to pleasure herself with a sex toy, unaware that Mason is secretly spying on her! Becoming aroused by the fiery t-girl’s perfect ass, Mason slips his hard cock through an opening in the tent so that Jade can suck on it. The ever-horny vixen uses her masturbation device on Mason while he appreciates her sensational boobs, and then he gives her the pounding she’s been yearning for. After an intense fucking, Jade is left slurping up Mason’s cum as it drips from her face while Ariel looks on!

Feisty brunette Jade Venus, in sexy white lingerie complete with garter belt and thigh-stockings, shows up at Johnny B’s house to help nurse his broken arm. However, it is clear that Nurse Jade has other intentions and sets out to take advantage of her patient. Helping herself to a serving of milk and seductively sucking on a banana, the gorgeous t-girl has no reservations about taking some hard cash out of Johnny’s wallet and slipping it down her bra. Whatever she wants, she’ll take it! Coming up behind her patient, the perky-breasted babe gives him her own special treatment – her she-cock inside Johnny’s asshole! After being banged by the insatiable Jade, Johnny makes his way down to sample her delicious dick and he can’t resist riding it cowgirl-style. Following his nurse’s orders to “bend over, bitch!”, a submissive Johnny is wildly thrusted against the kitchen counter by the exuberant hottie. Once she has finished dominating her patient with an anal pounding, Jade ends the steamy session with a nice wet facial.

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