Cosmopolitrans – Coffee & T


Ariel Demure, Jade Venus, Tori Easton, and Angelina Please are four close friends who love to meet up at their favorite cafe and ‘spill the tea’ on all their recent dating anecdotes. On this particular day, Angelina stumbles in a bit late, and it’s clear that she was out partying the night before. They urge Angelina to tell them about her night of adventure. Apparently, Angelina met last night’s fling, Jenna Creed, at a club. It didn’t take long before they got in a cab and went back to Jenna’s place to get frisky. When they arrived, however, Angelina couldn’t help notice strange things around Jenna’s apartment- giving her some REALLY weird, new-age vibes- a TOTAL turn-off. When Angelina finally saw Jenna naked, however, all those ‘red flags’ turned to pink, and she couldn’t help give Jenna a sloppy blowjob. Well, that was Angelina’s story- so who’s next? Jade decides to tell her story, which involves their sexy barista, Jayden Marcos. The other ladies are riveted as Jade recalls how the other night, she stopped by to grab a coffee after the shop had closed. Thankfully for her, Jayden was willing to ‘service’ her in more ways than one. They had foreplay and sex behind the counter, and even kept going when another customer walked in! The other ladies are flabbergasted- what a NAUGHTY story! Eager to keep the gossip flowing, they ask if Tori has any spicy stories simmering on her back-burner. It turns out that she hasn’t been as lucky as the other ladies though… she didn’t manage to get laid AT ALL. She recounts how she was onboarding a cute client (Joel Someone) at her office the other day. They had been flirting for hours, so she wasn’t surprised when Joel kissed her. When she told him she was trans, however, Joel had second thoughts and ask that they remain ‘profesh’… The other ladies are quick to reassure Tori that she dodged a bullet with that guy… plus, who says ‘profesh’ anyways? There’s only one story left to tell, so they all turn to Ariel and ask how things are going with Nicole Kitt (the cis woman she’s currently dating). Ariel says it’s going great, and that she and Nicole have moved past some of the roadblocks they’d initially run into when they first started seeing each other. Ariel caps off these four stories by describing a recent night of passionate, energetic sex that she had with Nicole- sharing the steamy details with her three besties of course!