Belle Of The Ballroom, Scene #01


Lucy Hart has booked a private lesson with her new dance instructor, Maddy May. Lucy wants to learn ballroom dancing to surprise her girlfriend with a romantic evening that will end in a marriage proposal! Maddy smiles and says in that case, they’d better get started! They begin the lesson, and as Maddy instructs Lucy, there are various charged and sensual moments between them that get more and more pronounced. Their faces are inches apart at times, and the touch of Maddy’s hand on the small of Lucy’s back sends delightful shudders down Lucy’s body. At one point, Maddy even invites Lucy to try on a beautiful gown, just so that Lucy can see how it feels to dance in one. Lucy accepts and goes to get changed. And when Lucy returns, she is GLOWING. Like something out of a fairytale, Lucy and Maddy dance into oblivion together. It’s almost as if Lucy can hear the music in her head, and feel the warm glow of the strobe lights as they capture her in the limelight. And then, suddenly, Lucy and Maddy kiss. In the heat of the moment, Lucy and Maddy decide to take this intimate dance routine to an even DEEPER level.